Angier’s Emulsion

Angier's Emulsion

Angier’s Emulsion

Angier’s Emulsion was manufactured by the Angier Chemical Company beginning in  the late 1800’s and was sold world-wide throughout the mid 20th century. Angier’s Emulsion was originally compounded and marketed as a “food-medicine” and cure for a variety of respiratory ailments.   The principle ingredient of this product was refined petroleum oil.  Studies carried out as early as 1884 demonstrated that petroleum oil has no nutritional value. In response, Angier Chemical Company reformulated the product and marketed it as a laxative for “temporary constipation relief.” However, the notion that Angier’s Emulsion helped sooth membranes, including those of the respiratory tract continued to be prominently featured in advertisements, which promoted this product’s use to treat influenza infection and other respiratory illnesses.


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